Culture survey

When, how and why?
In the autumn of 2017, a large-scale survey was carried out among the inhabitants of Maastricht. A survey relating to culture participation, culture visits and culture appreciation. We would like to know, for instance, what artistic and creative activities you participate in. Or what reasons you have for participating in or visiting cultural activities or for not doing so and what importance you attach to culture. Answers to questions such as these are of great importance and value, not only for us, but also for institutions, culture makers and associations. The results will provide all those involved – and therefore the entire city – with insights for the future, so that supply and demand in the city and the region can be coordinated more effectively.

The Tout Maastricht Foundation and Maastricht University are carrying out this survey with financial support from the Municipality of Maastricht*. Research 2Evolve, an independent external research agency, is processing the answers. Registration details and answers to questions will be dealt with confidentially and anonymously. We will use your data for research purposes only.

Almost 1 in 10 Maastrichters aged six and above received a personal letter in early November 2017 containing an invitation to participate in the survey. The letter includes an explanation of how the questionnaire must be completed. The addresses will be selected on the basis of a sample from the population database. It is possible that several persons per household have received a letter.

Online campaign
For the reliability of the survey, it is vital that as many inhabitants of Maastricht as possible participate. That is why people who have not received a personal letter will have the possibility to complete the questionnaire too.

Click on one of the links below if you have not received a personal letter and would like to participate in the survey. It will take you approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire online (available until december 15th, 2017).

The results of the survey will be accessible to everyone from early 2018, both digitally, including on this webpage, and in a printed publication.

We greatly appreciate your participation in the survey.

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not included, contact the Tout Maastricht Foundation via +31 (0)43-8528977 or

* In the 2016 culture innovation agenda, the Municipality of Maastricht stated its desire to develop a “culture scan: measuring and assessing the impact of all actions and impulses and making a comparison with other cities”. The municipality instructed Maastricht University to develop this instrument. Partly because of the need for a baseline measurement for this instrument, but also to obtain a proper picture of culture participation in general, the Tout Maastricht Foundation applied for and obtained subsidy from the municipality, in the context of the innovation agenda, to have an independent investigation carried out by means of a major omnibus survey: an extensive questionnaire among approximately 12,000 inhabitants of Maastricht with questions relating to culture participation, culture visits and culture appreciation. Tout Maastricht engaged the same team from Maastricht University that was also involved in the development of the culture scan, for detailed and technical support and collaboration. Tout Maastricht also engaged various other parties to ensure that the survey would be carried out professionally, independently and according to the applicable statutory rules.