Frequently asked questions

What must I do with the paper questionnaire?
If you are 18 or older and you have received a personal letter, you have the option of completing the questionnaire on Internet or completing the enclosed questionnaire on paper. The versions are identical. If you prefer to complete the questionnaire on paper, you do not need to complete it on Internet too. Return the completed questionnaire in the enclosed reply envelope. A postage stamp is not required. Research 2Evolve, an independent external research agency, is processing the answers. If you complete the questionnaire online, you can discard the paper version.

I cannot find the questionnaire on Internet

If you have received a personal letter by post and if you wish to complete the questionnaire online, enter the web address directly in the address bar of your Internet browser. Searching via Google or another search engine will not work. If you are still having difficulties, send an e-mail to

I cannot log in

If you have received a personal letter by post and you wish to complete the questionnaire online, you must take accounts of capitals and small letters when entering your log-in code. You must type exactly the same letters in order to log in. If you are still having difficulties, send an e-mail to

How did we find your details
For this survey, a random group of Maastricht inhabitants has been selected from the population database. If you are part of the group of inhabitants from which the selection has been made, you may have been included in the sample. That is how we found the names and addresses of the inhabitants who have received a personal letter. It is therefore by chance. This random selection is a satisfactory representation of all inhabitants of Maastricht on the basis of gender, age and geographical spread. It is possible that several persons per household will receive a letter.

The questionnaire must be completed by the person to whom the letter is addressed, or by someone else on behalf of that person. The questionnaire must not be completed by someone else acting on their own initiative.

Do I have to complete the questionnaire
We would appreciate it if you complete the questionnaire. Your answers and those of other Maastricht inhabitants are valuable and of great importance. However, it is not of course compulsory.

Is the survey anonymous
We will treat your answers prudently and confidentially. We guarantee anonymity because the answers you give in the questionnaire are never linked to your name or address. We use the name and address files only for sending the questionnaires and any reminders. They also provide us with insights into the geographical spread of the persons in the sample and enable us to present the results at district and community level. The name and address files will be destroyed after the survey period. In addition, we will never publish data or issue data to the parties involved or third parties that can be traced to individual persons.

Personal questions and anonymity

In the questionnaire, we also ask questions about your personal situation, such as gender, age, household, education and income. The information regarding personal questions will be treated with care and cannot be traced to individuals. We ask questions about your personal situation only in so far as necessary for the survey.

What will happen to the results of the survey
The results of the survey will be accessible to everyone from early 2018, both digitally, including on this webpage, and in a printed publication. The results will provide all those involved – and therefore the entire city – with insights for the future, so that supply and demand in the city and the region can be coordinated more effectively. By participating in this survey, you are making a contribution. Answers to questions such as these are of great importance and value, not only for us, but also for the Municipality of Maastricht, Maastricht University, institutions, culture makers and associations.

What will not happen to the results of the survey, at least for the time being
The survey has been drawn up in such a way that the Maastricht data can be compared with national data and information from other cities and regions. However, that will not take place immediately following the survey or in the publication. The publication will consist only of the presentation of the results. Simply a presentation of facts and figures without interpretation or conclusions. Needless to say, the results and information can serve as a basis for follow-up investigations.

I do not wish to receive a questionnaire

If you do not wish or no longer wish to be approached in the future for surveys of the Municipality of Maastricht or other parties that use the population database, you can apply for non-disclosure. Persons who apply for non-disclosure will not or will no longer be approached.

For more information about non-disclosure, go to:

If your question is not included, contact the Tout Maastricht Foundation via +31 (0)43-8528977 or